Hack Orkut IDs- Using Greasemonkey Scripts..

[TUT]Hack Orkut IDs- Using Greasemonkey Scripts

1) First of all, your victim MUST HAVE FIREFOX WITH GREASEMONKEY.

Download firefox at:- http://www.firefox.com

Download greasemonkey at:- https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/748

2) Now, go to http://www.trickplanet.com/orkut/hack.php

Enter the email ID where you want passwords to come, download the file "multiple.user.js" and upload it on googlepages.

e.g. http://yourname.googlepages.com/multiple.user.js

3) Now make your victim install this file. He will be able to install it IF AND ONLY IF he has FIREFOX WITH GREASEMONKEY.

Once your victim installs this file, you are done !

4) Now the next time he opens orkut and logs in to orkut, his username and password will be emailed to you at the email ID you provided in step 2.

Enjoy ! ;)

Do not misuse ! :)

Happy Hacking !



Anonymous said...

Hi this is the wrong website its just a youtube upload website. how do u use it

Dipti said...


TOP SECRET said...

its theworse trick i hav ever seen!

Phoenix said...

go to this site: www.mediafire.com/ultimatum

maybe you can find something you want in there!