Free Vodafone Sms Hack

Check out this vodafone message centre number's
The procedure is the same.You just have to replace the message centre no. mentioned below with the old one.
Note: please have a back-up of the old message centre no in case of any problem..

Message centre no's:



If it works or not in your state please inform me in this post via your commments so that i can have idea about the protability of this message centre no.
It works currently in UP.


HiRoTo said...

it dosent work at my state..LoL

Anonymous said...

It doesn't work in east delhi

Anonymous said...

It Doesn't Work Anywhere The Only Centre Number That Is Valid Now Is:


amaan said...

HI I am Amaan Khan From Hyderabad AP U R Sms Code Is Not Work In AP Hyderabad . U Have Any Code Like Free WorldWd Calling Code Can U Give Me Plz My Id Is

AmaanKhan ...

Anonymous said...

this does not work in tamilnadu..the mesage number is default that u mentioned