A New Worm Disabling Windows and Antivirus PAckages Affecting 3.5 millions users..!!

Some days back Giant security companies Discovered a "WORM" which spreads rapidly across the network which has left 3.5 millions windows users affected.The worm is referred as win32/Conficker Worm.

It also has some other vairants like win32.Downadup,Win32.Conficker .The Worm infects the computer by exploiting Windiows server service(SVC HOST) vulnerability and also spread through USB drivers, External Harddrives and MP3 Players.Moreover this worm gets constanly updated by downloading its newer version onto the infected machines making it difficult to remove.It was found that those computers which didnt had the latest version of anit-virus patch were infected by it.

Notice Published by Microsoft

To prevent your computer from getting infected download the following pathes released by the security companies

1. Symantec
2. Kaspersky
3. F-Secure
4. Bitdefender
5. Microsoft MSRT
6. Panda Security

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