Free Idea gprs Settings

There are number of free airtel gprs tricks available but very few are available for idea or Vodafone. So here I m presenting another idea trick for free gprs and internet on your mobile phone. But as I always say these tricks don’t work for a long time as the service providersare now using better tracking systems and hence they block the proxies as soon as they come across them. So try this out and enjoy free idea gprs if it works for you.

One more thing that I will like to tell you all is that even the proxies are also area specific, so if you can’t run free gprs, you should try searching for new proxies. Before you get this trick working you must ensure the following criteria:

1. You balance must be between Rs.15 to Rs.20.
2. Send the activation message only once.
3. Always use proxy servers for opening any site.
4. For using internet from pc or laptop take care that you use smart browser to surf internet.

To get this trick working you must follow the steps given below:
1. If you have any gprs plan activated already, then you should deactivate it.
2. The next thing you need to do is to reactivate zero rental internet.
3. After 1 day of activation, send another message GP15 to 4444.
4. After 1 day of sending the second message you will have access to free idea gprs.


Raja said...

This is really fantastic, and I thought Idea Gprs is cheap ):

Linto said...

I am in Kerala, center number doesn't work...