FREE CALLS From India To Anywhere In The World..Not A Fake..Just Try It..

Hey ALL INDIANS Wanna ALL Your Out Goings Calls For free.??

Here A simple trick to make calls absolutely Free, Not A FAKE..


Just Follow the Procedure Step by Step:-

1. Save 9425024365 in your mobile phonebook and nameCall1.

2. Save 9425003174 in your mobile phonebook and nameCall2.

3. Now Call to Call1 this is a customer care number of BSNL.

4. Do not cut call and listen till 30 sec.

5. After 30 sec. put this call(call1) on hold and go to your phone book and then search call2 and call to call2(remember call1 is still on hold)

6. After when u called to call2 they replied this is not a valid number.( kripiya number ki jaach karle)

7. After some seconds call2 will drop. (remember call1 is still on hold)

8. Still call1 is on hold now call to any number do you want:)

9. Complete your talks before call1 will drop. Means with in 4-5 minutes. If u want to talk more just repeat this procedure.

This is a fully “0 paisa” trick. :)

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