A I R TEL HACked AgAin...Download Contents Free

Hack Airtel Live for Free Download of any content like games, wallpapers, tones, animations etc..

Follow these steps:

1) Open Airtel Live Homepage http://live.airtelworld.com/ on ur mobile using defalult Airtel Live settings.

2) Select any content like game, wallpaper or tone.

3) A new page open displaying the amount of download charge for the content.

4) Now Bookmark that page.

5) After saving the bookmark, edit the bookmark.

6) You will find something like "id=121326". Change the number to "1499769".

7) Now save the bookmark and reopen it.

8) Shocking!!! You will see Rs.0 in the place of amount for download charge

If this doesn't work out, edit the bookmark again and replace 'wapdwnld' with 'wapdownload'.

Also change &itemtype=17
if content is 'animation'
16 for wallpaper
13 for video
19 for game
14 for mp3.

Enjoy the trick!!

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