now a days Airtel givesnew option to the subscriber to access Mobile Office daily@25.00/perday. but this is too costly. only 24 hours and the cost is25.00.

oh GOD!!but i got a trick. thats help me to activate my mobile office whole 30 days only for 25.00/. its really goood.

just follow the trick:
1. your account balance should be above 25.00 for the first time.

2. acitave your mobile office by dailing *444*1#. you will acctivate your mobile in the morning. got a activation msg. your account should deducted by 25.00/

4.after that your can enjoy mobile office for 24 hours.

5.but for unlimited access you will do this :: just switch off yourmobile from 7.00 am to 10.00am. and your account balance should bebelow 25.00 /6. just try it enjoy the whole world only by 25.00.

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Subi said...

hmm..... ll try but i nything goes wrong.... thn//////////rrrrr