The Mother of all Phishing Activities: A Ghost-Network Spread Across 103 Countries..!!

You might be flabbergasted on hearing this, but yes this is true. It’s been officially revealed by Canadian researchers. The internet based research group started investigating after the Tibetan Exiles made allegations of cyber spying. The investigation revealed that the activities are operated from China.

The Information Warfare Monitor, the research group focused on the allegations made by the Tibetan exiles which ultimately uncovered the Wide network of China’s espionage activities.

The researchers were found saying “The investigation ultimately uncovered a network of over 1,295 infected host in 103 countries. Up to 30 per of the infected host are considered high value targets and includes computers located at ministries of foreign affairs, embassies, international organization, news media and NGO’s .”

On contacting the Chinese officials they remained in the state of denial mode of any involvement in this

The Ghost-network installs a malicious file on the computer which ultimately loses its control over to the Chinese hackers. A report published by the investing group showed an email sent by the unknown attacker to email id of a organization of free-Tibet activity’s) with an word file attached, which on downloading installs the malicious software in the computer through which they can collect the information stored in the computer. In the same manner they have penetrated in most of computers world wide.

The organization’s computer, said, a student for a free Tibet activist Bhutila Karpoche , have been hacked into numerous times over the past four or five years and added that she often gets an e-mail containing viruses that ultimately losses the control over to hackers.

The investigators were deeply concerned on the fact that to cease this network is very difficult as defence against social malware in government agencies involves expensive and intrusive measure that range from mandatory access controls to tedious operational security procedures.

In response to this The Indian Gov has acted swiftly by putting together a full-fledged Crisis Management Plan for countering such cyber attacks. The Ministry of Communication & Information Technology has identified various critical sectors that could be vulnerable to cyber attacks and issued security guidelines to all ministers and government departments asking them to set-up 24/7 cyber control rooms.
The similar news to take steps for the protection against such espionage activities are also coming from various countries.

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